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Water Filtration Sass Dashboard Design

Water Filtration Sass Dashboard Design


About the Project

Water scarcity is a major issue that World will face in the near future. In some parts of the world water supply and demand is unbalanced which leads to a shortage of water. The CEO of this Water Filtration company wanted UIDesignz to work on their unique project of designing a water filtration SAAS website.


This dashboard is designed to give every minor detail about water usage. This dashboard will give water consumption status. Water fund available to be used. How to minimize the consumption of water, everyday limit of water usage. It has a task board to complete single tasks related to water in a given timeframe so that users can have a check and recorded activities about the daily consumption of water.

The Problem

Water scarcity is a problem for the world. If we don’t use it in a calculated way it will lead to a shortage of drinkable water. According to the survey of the water filtration company, it was observed that people faced more shortage of clean and pure water. They didn’t even have the facility to purify the water or sometimes the companies responsible for purification didn’t respond to the complaints by the public.

Our Goal

UIDesignz was assigned to design a dashboard which can be used for multiple purposes and can handle all the water related activities of people. The UI/UX design of this water filtration website was made by mutual consultation with the technical team of the company.


UIDesignz is known for its matchless designs and its highly qualified designers and developers. Being the best suitable company for this client, their core considerations were our top priority. We negotiated with the technical team and other staff of this company and then we went on to design the interface of this website. Just for the sake that people should not face any difficulty using the website, To keep in view this aspect, this dashboard should be kept as simple as possible. Our experienced designers started from sketching and wireframing the designs. Following are the main points which needed to be designed. Data can be shown in the form of figures so that everyone can analyze it.

  • Water pH, pressure, temperature, and Carbon Dioxide content on the main dashboard screen improve the quality of water for users.
  • Graphical representation of water availability in the house and daily water consumption.
  • A simple task board is created with the help of a calendar to deal with all the issues related to aqua.
  • History can be seen to analyze water consumption periodically.
  • One can save the water and donate it to that population of the world that is facing a shortage of water.
  • One can analyze the money periodically that is being spent on filtered water.

If you would like us to develop/create such dashboard, Please feel free to Contact Us.

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

AdobeI llustrator