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This project is named as Ahoyy Web Designing. Ahoyy is a digital marketing agency. Our clients wanted us to make a responsive design considering the competitors in the marketing field. This project’s duration was not very long because we just had to redesign their website’s landing page in a unique manner.

Our Goal

UX/UI design for Ahoyy Web from scratch to finish and make it responsive by design. As this project had some preferences and it needed to be customized so we had to take care of the uniqueness and responsiveness in our designs.


The problem which was faced by the clients was that people do not find their website attractive due to some lack of user interface unity. So we had to create a simple, attractive, responsive and user-friendly web design that suits the digital marketing agency.

About the Project

Due to wide-spread of the deadly COVID-19 all over the world, many business marketing organizations and agencies have had to confront many difficulties in their business regarding marketing and advertising. At that difficult time, they found UIDesignz as a blessing in disguise to provide them with their valuable UX/UI designing services.

Getting to the Root

The main issue was being faced by the agency owners about the marketing of their product. They did not have any source to advertise their product in the market and their audience was unaware about all their latest activities. They did not have any interaction with the public. This made them think of creating a platform where they can advertise their product and get engaged with their audience and give a tough time to their competitors. Their previous landing page design was boring, so we re-created it using the expertise of our skilled UI UX designers who have been providing their exclusive services in Los Angeles, California

Finding an Appropriate Solution

The main key point towards designing a digital marketing website design was to analyze the key insights of the project and this led to form the basis of the project. Our highly skilled and proficient UI/UX designers started the process from laying down a rough sketch of the project and then they went further to finalize it with high fidelity UX/UI designs, wireframes and mockups. The objective was to provide the client with a responsive, clear and intuitive design that was user-friendly as well.

UX Strategy

Following are the key points which were taken into consideration by our UX/UI designers while drawing the user experience strategy

  • Easily accessible to public
  • Content is relevant and provides timely information
  • Designed to suit any screen size, anywhere
  • A responsive build-up

Visual Design and the Ultimate Result

The final stage for us was to visualize our created design. When a user lands on the main page, he should know that the website provides all the services related to digital marketing which he needs. The skilled designers of UIDesignz were able to provide the client with a visual style which had a good balance of approachability and authority, the flow meets our UX strategy, unity was seen in the user interface,it was responsive and user friendly.


Working with Ahoyy Company was a great learning curve for UIDesignz, where our team learnt how to focus on accessibility and barriers present in designing. With a deep collaboration with the development team ensured the work progressed smoothly and there was no stone unturned before they became hurdles. The client was absolutely amazed with the astounding UX/UI design services provided by our designers. UIDesignz is always ready to provide its services to all over the world while working from Los Angeles.

Our Toolset

Adobe Photoshop Adobe illustrator Adobe XD figma Adobe Photoshop Frame

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