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Jobdoor is an employment-oriented online service. The client is looking forward to making a website that fulfills the needs of recruiters and job seekers. This will give ease to the recruiter to find a competent applicant within their package. This platform also allows applicants to find a suitable job in their domain. Our client approached us as their nearest location based design agency. Not only this but they reviewed our website as the best UI UX design agency in Los Angeles to work with.

Our Goal

The primary goal was to create such a design that portrays all the sectors of the market and all those companies that provide employment opportunities to people and they do not have to go through the hustle of finding jobs and avoid walk-in interviews.


Several online platforms are serving the same purpose all over the globe. It is a challenging task to accomplish a site that can make its place in the saturated market. People have to visit different sites and sometimes even go to different areas in search of a job related to their professions.


As several companies are looking for suitable candidates for their vacant positions. They are financing their HR to conduct tests & interviews. This platform provides them with easy and economical solutions for this. Candidates can appear in the online test conducted by Jobdoor and get the flag upon succession. This flag gives hints to HR that this candidate is compatible. Afterward, HR directly communicates with the client and interviews them. Eventually, this lengthy process was shortened to days.


As this market is already saturated, making a name in this field is not an easy task. Web designing is an essential & deciding factor for this. Our UI UX designers surveyed the competitors and analyzed what better we can do.

  • Companies and job seekers can create their online portfolio and applicants can apply and send their CVs directly to the company.
  • List all the featured jobs on a same page.
  • List of applicants on a page for recruiters’ view so they can hire young talent.
  • A page showing the investors and partners.

So basically the overall user interface was designed for both the recruiter and the job seeker, where the recruiter can find a suitable employee according to their demand and the job seeker can find an appropriate job according to his qualification and education’

After finalizing the UX and initials which were required to be designed, our highly qualified UI UX designers created such a design that showed unity of interface, the color scheme was kept subtle and all the main elements were designed proficiently.


The designer created this web with such uniqueness that competitors have not worked on it. This distinctiveness makes them special in the eyes of HR and Job seekers. Our client was delighted to work with UIDesignz because their project was delivered to them within the deadline and our UI UX designers did not leave any stone unturned while planning and designing the user interface. The client really appreciated our designers’ worthy efforts to give them the best website design they could ever have.

Our Toolset

Adobe Photoshop Adobe illustrator Adobe XD figma Adobe Photoshop Frame

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