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Job Door Website Design

Job Door Website Design

Job door is a website for finding jobs. It helps employers find good workers and helps people find jobs they like. The client wanted us, being among the top UI UX design agencies in Los Angeles, to make the website better for both employers and job seekers. They liked our work and think we're the best at making websites easy to use and brand enhancers.

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Nick Carlos


Website Design


90 Days

Team Setup

2 Researcher + 3 Designer


The main objective of our UI UX design agency was to create a website that connects companies with job seekers smoothly. It should help people find jobs easily without running around or facing lots of interviews. Our goal was to make hiring simpler for companies and let candidates showcase their skills through online tests, streamlining the hiring process for everyone involved. The website needed to have a clean design that works well for both recruiters and job seekers, making it simple to match the right person with the right job.


  1. There were and still exist many similar websites, making it tough to create something unique that catches attention.
  2. We had to Make it easy for both job seekers and recruiters without losing important details that can be tricky.
  3. Displaying all jobs, applicants, and company info on one platform without confusing users was a challenge.
  4. We had to make sure that the website worked smoothly for both job seekers and recruiters, catering to their specific needs and preferences.


  1. To make Job Door unique, we focused on a user-friendly design with standout features, offering a smooth experience different from competitors.
  2. We created a clean layout that prioritized essential information for job seekers and recruiters, ensuring a smooth experience without confusing them.
  3. Through thoughtful organization and categorization, we created sections that neatly presented job listings, applicant profiles, and company details, making it easy for users.
  4. By conducting user research and feedback sessions, we designed the website's features to meet the distinct needs of job seekers and recruiters.
Working Description Page Design
Job Listing Page Design
Jobdoor Logo Design

UI UX Design Process

The design process for the Jobdoor project began with a clear recognition of the challenges in a saturated job market. Our website design team started with extensive research, analyzing existing platforms to identify gaps and opportunities. Setting distinct goals, we aimed to simplify the hiring process by integrating online tests for candidates and streamlining communication between recruiters and applicants. 

With a user-centric approach, we developed a platform where companies and job seekers could create profiles, apply directly, and access job listings and applicant profiles on a single, easily navigable page. Through iterative design and careful refinement, we ensured a unified, intuitive design that met the needs of both recruiters and job seekers. The final product was an attractive and user-centered design with subtle colors and proficiently organized elements, aiming to enhance the overall user experience for all involved parties.

Companies Listing Page Design
Popular Jobs Page Design


Job Door's design journey focuses on addressing challenges in the competitive job market. By prioritizing user needs, we created a platform that simplifies job hunting and hiring. Our design aimed to smoothly connect companies and job seekers, streamlining processes and enhancing accessibility. With a user-friendly interface and careful attention to detail, Jobdoor stands as a solution aimed at making job searches and hiring processes smoother and more efficient for everyone involved.

+ 80 %

Self-Service Score Increased

- 40 %

Support Team Load-Reduced

“ Jobdoor's design is exceptional. We wanted a site that connects job seekers and employers smoothly, and the team delivered. The clean layout and intuitive features simplify job hunting. UI/UX designer of UIDesignz did it with organized sections, making navigation a breeze. Jobdoor's redesign truly elevates the user experience.”

Nick Carlos


Awards & Achievements

We’re proud of our achievements, and the remarkable results we create for our clients.

Uidesignz the webby award
Best UI UX Design
Firm 2023
Best ui design agency
Top Design Agency
Firm 2024
Uidesignz googlepartner award
Google Partner
Premier 2023
Uidesignz top website designer award
Top Website
Uidesignz expertise award
Best UI UX Design
Agency 2023
Uidesignz goodfirm award
Top App Design
Agency in USA