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Pick My Brain Website Design

Pick My Brain Website Design

UIDesignz, among the world's best ui ux design agencies in usa, collaborated and facilitated picking my brain with their expertise. Dive into Pic My Brain website,  an online hub where sharing knowledge becomes a breeze for people and companies worldwide. UIDesignz teamed up to enhance their website. Join UIDesignz on this thrilling journey to make it enjoyable for all. Stay tuned for a redesigned advanced experience, created just for you. Let's embark on this collaborative adventure together.

Pickmybrain Website Main Page Design


Maxine Cunningham


Website Design


30 Days

Team Setup

1 Researcher + 2 Designer


The big goal of changing the pick my brain website was to make it better for users. Our UI UX design agency wanted to create an easy and friendly website so that sharing knowledge is easy for everyone around the world. The new website will be even easier to use for a lot of different people and help them work together easily. The main aim was to make a website that is more advanced and fun, showing how people share knowledge and work together.


  1. Creating a website that's easy for everyone to use was tricky. Designers needed to make sure it was simple and friendly so that sharing knowledge felt like a breeze for people of all backgrounds.
  2. Making it easy for different people and companies to work together on picking my brain was a challenge. Designers had to figure out ways to simplify the process, ensuring smooth collaboration and interaction on the website.
  3. While aiming for a more advanced and enjoyable website experience, designers needed to strike a balance. They had to introduce exciting features without making things too complicated, ensuring users could still navigate and share knowledge effortlessly.


  1. Our UI UX designers made the website simple and friendly with clear buttons and easy layouts, so it's a breeze for everyone to use.
  2. Our UI UX experts added features like simple sharing and clear instructions, making it easy for different people and companies to collaborate smoothly.
  3. Our team of expert designers carefully selected cool features and provided easy guides, ensuring users can explore and share knowledge without any confusion.
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Design Process

The design process followed by the UIUX designers at UIDesignz for the Pick My Brain website design involved a thorough understanding of user needs through conversations and feedback sessions. Ideas were initially sketched on paper to explore various possibilities before creating a prototype on computers. This prototype served as a rough draft, allowing for continuous refinement based on user feedback.

The team of experienced designers prioritized creating a user-friendly and enjoyable website, incorporating features like simple sharing and clear instructions. Through an iterative process of testing, refining, and finalizing the design, the goal was to ensure the website's simplicity, accessibility, and overall appeal to a diverse audience.

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UIDesignz collaborated with Pick My Brain to create a user-friendly website, enhancing the experience of sharing knowledge globally. The design journey involved overcoming challenges by simplifying the website's usability and promoting smooth collaboration. The outcome is an advanced and enjoyable platform where users can easily navigate, collaborate, and share knowledge. An exciting adventure created by UIDesignz to pick my brain's diverse community.

+ 80 %

Increased Efficiency

- 40 %

Reduced Workload

“I am thrilled with the transformative work done by UIDesignz. Their team not only met but exceeded our expectations in creating a user-friendly website that enhances global knowledge sharing. The designers at UIDesignz demonstrated exceptional skills, simplifying complexities and striking a perfect balance between advanced features and usability. Our redesigned platform is now an advanced, enjoyable space for everyone to explore, collaborate, and share knowledge smoothly.”

Maxine Cunningham

CEO & Cofounder

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