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Book Me Travel Agency App Design Portfolio

Book Me Travel Agency App Design Portfolio


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Concept Of Trip Organizer UI

We began working on this project by taking a small survey regarding travel agencies. Turned out that people were having trouble booking their travel tickets. So, we decided to create a not so ordinary travel app design. This tour planning app design would fix all the problems, by making it easy for people to book tickets and travel safely as it is a very convinient tour planning app design . They wouldn't need to visit lots of travel agents or search for the right package.

Main Objective

We wanted to make travel easier so for this purpose we created an App UI/UX for travel . This Tour planning app design helps you easily book tickets and hotels all around the world at a good price. It has a travel itinerary design that makes it simple to use, and it's like having a travel planner in your pocket. You can use it to plan your trips, book flights and hotels, and discover new places. It's a user-friendly and user centered travel app that makes traveling smoother and more enjoyable.


These are the problems which were mainly faced by people while booking tickets and hotels:

  • Booking Errors
  • Technical Glitches
  • Unreliable Reviews
  • Language Barriers
  • Limited Payment Options
  • Security Concerns
  • Cancellation and Refund Policies
  • Complex Booking Processes

Appropriate Solutions and Planning

To find an appropriate solution, our UX UI designers worked day and night. At last following points were concluded from the research that should be a part of the Trip organizer interface:

  • Provide proper guidance about the spot
  • Providing the exact images of the spot and the tour buses
  • Adding calendar to help people schedule their vacation
  • Providing well-rated hotels to the customers
  • Adding payment section so people can directly pay through the app
  • Providing map direction to navigate the exact location

Trip Organizer User Interface

Once we planned how the app for travel planning should work and look, our designers got started on creating the Travel itinerary design for the travel app. They began by making a sketch and adding the important parts of how the travel app should look. Then they made a step-by-step path that users would follow when using the travel app. This path was made based on what people said in a survey about what they liked and didn't like in other travel apps. The final design was highly appreciated by the public when it got posted on our website of UIDesignz.

In-app travel experiences

Since our Travel app design included everything that people had suggested in the survey, our UX/UI designers easily created a solution that made this travel app user-centered travel app. They put everything together in one Booking app interface, which provided seamless travel app navigation.These features include:

  • Destination discovery design
  • Planning and changing travel plans
  • Flight reservation UX
  • Innovative travel app visuals
  • Getting help from customer service in emergencies or for information

All the screens of the travel app were designed with these ideas in mind, addressing people's questions and concerns. This user centered travel app design was well-received by the public, and because it was made for travel agencies, many clients asked us to create a custom mobile app design for them.

Our Toolset

Adobe Photoshop Adobe illustrator Adobe XD figma Adobe Photoshop Frame

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