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Book.me Travel App design


Concept Case

We started designing this project after a public survey regarding travel agencies. People had to face inconvenience while booking their ticket for traveling. So we decided to design a travel app through which we can cover all the loopholes so that it would be easy for people to just book their tickets and make their journey safe and sound without getting into the hassle of visiting multiple travel agents and finding a suitable package.


With a perspective of providing ease while traveling, we started designing this app which provides easy access to booking tickets and hotels at a reasonable fare,all over the world.


The problems which were faced while booking tickets and hotels were

  • Safety of clients
  • Uncertainty of weather at the booked location
  • Inappropriate location of hotels
  • Fake tour buses and hotels
  • Lack of data of the area or city
  • Unusable hotels

Appropriate Solution and Planning

To find an appropriate solution, our UX UI designers worked day and night. At last following points were concluded from the research that should be a part of the interface:

  • Provide proper guidance about the spot
  • Providing the exact images of the spot and the tour buses
  • Adding calendar to help people schedule their vacation
  • Providing well-rated hotels to the customers
  • Adding payment section so people can directly pay through the app
  • Providing map direction to navigate the exact location

Designing Interface

After planning the user experience and the user interface, our designers finally started working on the design of the mobile app. First step was taken by preparing a sketch and adding the main elements of the design. Then a user flow was created which was totally based on the public survey, according to their likes and dislikes about the travel agency app. After that, our proficient designers went forward towards wireframing and prototyping of the designs. Color theme was kept light and elegant so it gives a soothing effect to the user and it's not too bright for the eyes. The main feature of the design was its interactivity. Our designs created highly interactive designs that were quite pleasing. The final design was highly appreciated by the public when it got posted on our website of UIDesignz.

Clients and Public Appreciation

As the app contained all the required elements as per suggestions of public, it was very easy for our designers to find the way out and make it easy for the people to get an all in one package in the app, where they can have access to variety of things like

  • Discovering New spots
  • Planning and cancellation of trips
  • Booking of flights and seats of their own choice
  • Customer care service so that they can be in a frequent contact with the agency in case of any emergency or acquiring any sort of information

All the screens of mobile apps were designed keeping these points in mind and it cleared all the queries and problems of people. The result of this intuitive design was that it got really appreciated by the public and as this design was made for travel agencies, many clients approached us to design a custom mobile app design for them.

If you would like us to develop/create such designs, Please feel free to Contact Us.

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

AdobeI llustrator