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Medi Service Landing Page Design

Medi Service Landing Page Design

One of our important clients asked UIDesignz for help in creating a special website called 'Medi Service' for medical help. This site connects patients with carers for better online care, especially when in-person visits weren't possible during Covid-19. We began by planning how the website design looks, making sure it's easy for patients and doctors to find what they need.

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Dauglas Richard


Landing Page Design


20 Days

Team Setup

2 Researcher + 2 Designer


Our primary goals were to create a user-friendly landing page design for 'Medi Service. We aimed to ensure easy navigation for patients and doctors, offering smooth access to medical services and appointment booking. The design prioritised transparency by introducing our team and emphasising patient care, aiming to foster trust and support for wellness offerings.


  1. Creating an intuitive design for appointment booking while promoting a sense of community.
  2. Showcasing client reviews to build trust while ensuring ease of access to vital medical information.
  3. Making different parts on the website for various medical services and wellness options to meet everyone's needs.
  4. Balancing comprehensive medical information with simplicity for easy user understanding.


  1. Made an easy appointment system that made everyone feel welcome and part of a supportive group.
  2. Strategically placed client reviews alongside important medical information, ensuring both trust-building and accessible medical details.
  3. Arranged different website parts for various medical services and wellness choices, making sure everyone feels included.
  4. Balanced detailed medical information with straightforward presentation for easier comprehension by users.
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MediServices Logo Design

Design Process

We started by understanding our client's need to create a website called 'Medi Service' for medical assistance, especially during Covid-19 when in-person care was challenging. Our task was to make it easy for both patients and doctors to use. We focused on a few things like making it simple to book appointments, showcasing client reviews, and organising medical info neatly. To begin, we thought about how the website should look and how people will use it. Our UI UX design agency goal was to create a landing page that's easy to understand and navigate. We introduced our team, emphasised patient care, and made it easy to book appointments.

Our journey involved a lot of research into different medical services and what patients might need. We looked at medicines, their benefits, and how they're used for wellness. We then looked at what other similar platforms did, trying to find ways to stand out and be better. Next, our designers got to work creating the actual design. It was a bit tricky because we wanted to make sure it's easy for people to book appointments and feel like they belong to a helpful community. We organised the website into sections for news, client reviews, appointments, and quick health solutions.

Consultation Page Design
Services Page Design


Our journey to design the 'Medi Service' website was about making healthcare more accessible during tough times like Covid-19. We aimed to create a place where patients and doctors could easily connect for care online. By focusing on intuitive appointment systems, trustworthy reviews, and a well-organised structure, we strived to build a supportive community while providing essential medical information. In the end, our design aimed to bridge the gap between medical needs and online accessibility.


Self-Service Score Increased


Support Team Load Reduced

“ Our collaboration with UIDesignz was a game changer for 'Medi Service.' Their design expertise transformed our website into a user-friendly hub for medical assistance. The intuitive appointment system and strategic layout for medical info and reviews made a huge impact, increasing trust and inclusivity. UIDesignz brilliantly balanced complexity with simplicity, creating a design that truly bridges the gap in healthcare accessibility.”

Dauglas Richard


Awards & Achievements

We’re proud of our achievements, and the remarkable results we create for our clients.

Uidesignz the webby award
Best UI UX Design
Firm 2023
Best ui design agency
Top Design Agency
Firm 2024
Uidesignz googlepartner award
Google Partner
Premier 2023
Uidesignz top website designer award
Top Website
Uidesignz expertise award
Best UI UX Design
Agency 2023
Uidesignz goodfirm award
Top App Design
Agency in USA