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Medi Service Landing Page Design

Medi Service Landing Page Design


About The Project

One of our known clients approached UIdesignz, and requested us to help them design a landing page for their web app Medi Service. It would connect patients with our business, providing them a smooth user experience throughout their visit on the website. We started designing this website during the lockdown due to the widespread of Covid-19, when the patients could not visit the doctors for their check up. This website was a perfect fit for the patients and the doctors as well to get connected.


At the time of widespread of Covid-19, the health of the whole world’s population was highly affected. This caused a great loss to the patients as well as the medical businesses. So it was the need of hour to create such an online platform that could connect the patients with the doctors and they can get online assistance regarding their health issues.

Main Goals

As we were given the task of designing a landing page for this website, our main focus was to create the best user interface elements of the landing page that includes:

  • Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Team Info Section
  • Option to find a doctor, book an appointment and finding a quick solution

Research and Planning

We started doing research regarding different medicines, their details, benefits and uses. We later moved on for a competitive analysis. After that we proceeded further to create user personas that helped in the creation of user flows.It became easier for our UX UI designers to create a unity in the interface.

User Flows

Our experience UX UI designers depicted the User Personas following the User Flows:

  • Clients signing up to the web
  • Clients requesting an appointment with the available doctor, leaving a review after the appointment.
  • Doctors submitting a registration form for the site’s review
  • Doctors completing appointment with the clients so they can add a review afterwards

Designing the Interface

After going through the whole process of research and planning, our proficient designers finally started designing the interface. The challenge while designing the interface was to build an intuitive booking system and designing a sense of community for the website. Our UX UI designers divided the design into different categories:

  • Subscription to get the latest news
  • Clients’ reviews section
  • Appointment booking section
  • Quick solution finding

The final design was exactly up to the mark of our client’s requirements and the details they provided. The input behind designing such a user friendly and intuitive design included the worthy efforts of our UX UI designers along with the cooperation of the medical team.

Creation of Prototypes

After finalizing the designs, our designers created the prototypes and mock up of the final designs to elaborate the flow of screens and the elements of the interface.


Lastly, our highly qualified UX UI designers completed the project before the due date and successfully delivered it to the clients. UIDesignz’s designer team got highly appreciated for their efforts to create such a clean, intuitive and user friendly design. We got applauded as the best UX UI design agency in Los Angeles, California.

If you would like us to develop/create such designs, Please feel free to Contact Us.

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

AdobeI llustrator