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DoctorQ Mobile App Design

DoctorQ Mobile App Design

In 2020, COVID-19 changed life a lot worldwide, making it hard for people to see doctors. So, our designers created DoctorQ, an app to help folks talk to doctors using their phones. This mobile app design service is simple to use and lets patients have appointments, discuss health issues, and handle prescriptions from home. It's a big help for getting medical care from far away, especially during tough times like these. 

DoctorQ Mobile App Design Main Image


Tally Sean


 App Design and Development


90 days

Team Setup

2 Researcher + 3 Designer


The DoctorQ app had a goal to connect users with doctors through phones, making healthcare accessible from home.We were assigned the task of making an app that figures out what's wrong when people show signs of being sick. We had to make an easy Mobile Health app that is user friendly, provides Healthcare solutions and makes the users happy right away.


  1. Creating a design that accommodates diverse users with different tech familiarity and accessibility needs, ensuring a smooth experience for all demographics including the elderly or those with limited digital knowledge.
  2. Designing a system for patients to track health records and appointments effortlessly while maintaining data privacy. More than 50% of mobile health app users in 2020 expressed concerns about data security, demanding strong yet intuitive interfaces for health tracking without compromising privacy.
  3. Simplifying medical content and complex health information for easy comprehension by users from diverse educational backgrounds.more than 25% of patients find medical information confusing, emphasising the need for clear and straightforward communication within the app.

  4. Encouraging both patients and healthcare providers to accept telemedicine. In 2020, only about 25% of healthcare providers regularly used telemedicine, highlighting the challenge of building trust and familiarity with remote medical consultations through the app's design.


  1. Our designers simplify the app's navigation and functionalities to meet users of different tech skills. Include clear instructions, larger fonts, and intuitive icons for easy interaction. Provide options for voice commands.
  2. We Implemented stringent data encryption and user-controlled access settings to reassure users about their data security. We designed transparent privacy policies and intuitive settings for patients to manage and control their health data sharing within the app.
  3. We created visual help, interactive guides, and plain language descriptions to explain complex medical terms. Used visuals like diagrams and videos for clearer explanations. 
  4. Offered multi-level information access based on user preferences, from simple explanations to more detailed medical content.
  5. Introduced user-friendly features for telemedicine, providing clear guidance on how to initiate and conduct remote consultations. Offered tutorials, clear instructions, and live support within the app to assist both patients and healthcare providers.
DoctorQ Mobile App Complete Pages Design
DoctorQ Mobile App Light and Dark Theme
DoctorQ Mobile App Logo

UI UX Design Process

The design process for DoctorQ involved understanding users' needs by listening to their challenges in accessing healthcare. Our best UI agency brainstormed ideas, creating sketches and mock-ups to visualize the app's layout and features. We tested these designs with diverse users to ensure usability for everyone, including those less familiar with technology. Based on feedback, we refined the app, focusing on simplicity and clear communication. We then built interactive prototypes to simulate the user experience and gather final insights before developing the app. This method ensured a user-friendly, accessible, and trustworthy platform for remote healthcare access.

DoctorQ Mobile App Doctors Pages
DoctorQ Mobile App Complete Doctor Screen Flows


DoctorQ app aimed to bridge the gap in accessing healthcare by offering a user-friendly, secure, and inclusive platform. Our UI UX design agency during the design journey focused on simplifying complex medical processes and creating trust in remote consultations. By prioritising user needs and feedback, we crafted an app that helps users to connect with doctors smoothly, ensuring important healthcare access, especially during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

+ 60 %

Self-Service Score Increased

- 40 %

Support Team Load Reduced

“The DoctorQ app is a lifesaver. It's so easy to use and has made talking to doctors a breeze. The designers truly understood what we needed and made sure the app was simple for anyone to navigate. They've created a safe and trustworthy space for remote healthcare, making it accessible to all. Great job, DoctorQ team.”

Tally Sean


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