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DoctorQ Mobile App Design

The year 2020 was marked by a big health crisis caused by COVID-19 all around the world. This sickness changed many parts of life, making everyone adapt to new situations. It also made it difficult for people to get the medical care they needed. But that's where mobile telemedical platforms came in handy.

So, our UX/UI designers decided to help people get virtual medical care even when it's hard to visit a doctor in person. They made a special app called DoctorQ to make sure patients could talk to doctors through their phones. This way, people could have patient appointments with doctors without leaving their homes. The DoctorQ app was made to have a user-friendly interface so that it's easy to use and lets patients talk to doctors and medical professionals. They can even get advice, talk about their health problems, and manage their prescriptions online. This helps people get medical care from a distance, which is really important during times like this.

Our Goal

UX/UI design for DoctorQ app from scratch to finish.

Healthcare Solutions

We were assigned the task of making an app that figures out what's wrong when people show signs of being sick. We had to make an easy Mobile Health app that is user friendly, provides Healthcare solutions and makes the users happy right away.

Virtual Clinic App

Our designers made sure the app lets patients communicate with doctors, keep track of their health records, and appointments scheduling easily. This kind of Virtual clinic app is very helpful because it makes sure people can still get medical help, even if they can't visit a doctor's office.

Telehealth Solutions

For both patients and healthcare providers, the app has a simple registration process. It helps people figure out what might be wrong with them if they're feeling sick. The virtual clinic app guides them through questions about their symptoms, how the illness spreads, and how long it takes to show up. It also gives advice on how to take care of themselves and protect others if they have a contagious disease.

Here are some things you can do with the Mobile health app:

  • If you're a patient, you can upload a picture and give your name and phone number.
  • You pick a city and language, and then you choose what kind of doctor you need to talk to. You also fill out a form about your illness. You can even choose a specific doctor if you want, and you can say if your problem is urgent.
  • Your requests can be marked as urgent, waiting, or done.
  • When a doctor accepts your request, you can talk to them using audio and video calls for medical advice.
  • The doctor can give you a prescription with the name of the medicine, how much to take, and how to use it. You can take this prescription to a pharmacy after talking to the doctor online.
  • For doctors, they just need to upload their picture and give their name and phone number.
  • After a doctor accepts a request, they can talk to the patient over the phone and do video therapy.
  • Doctors can write prescriptions, and they can make new ones or change existing ones.
  • If needed, a doctor can send a patient to another specialist.


In this article, we talked a lot about the research we did for the product we'll make. We made it user friendly so you can understand it quickly and know all the important medical consultations.. We're excited to work together with you!

Our Toolset

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