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DoctorQ Mobile App Design



The year 2020 has been defined by the global public health disaster caused by COVID-19. The pandemic impacts many facets of life, forcing everyone to adjust to new circumstances. Additionally, the continuum of care is being severely tested by the coronavirus. This is where mobile telehealth apps start to shine.

Therefore, we took the initiative to remove any obstacles preventing patients from accessing medical care. To deliver high-quality virtual care and remote patient monitoring, the app was created in this manner.

Our Goal

UI/UX design for DoctorQ app from scratch to finish.


Our job was to create an app for diagnosing individuals exhibiting the signs and symptoms of various illnesses. We had to create a simple application to solve an issue and immediately please early adopters.

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Our case study for today is focused on this very current topic and showcases the design concept of the DoctorQ web application for doctors. Our team considered ideas focused on quick and intuitive interaction to make communication between a doctor and a patient simple and quick while saving and looking for the data streamlined and organized after exploring the unique nature of this sort of digital product. Let's examine the concept's specifics in more detail.


Both patients and providers must complete a brief and simple registration process. They are then led through the checklist, which includes information on the symptoms, incubation period, and transmission of the disease. People also get guidance on how to look after their health and safeguard others if the disease is contagious.

  • Upload a photograph and enter your name and phone number.
  • A patient must select a city, establish the language, choose a medical specialty, and complete the disease description form to create a request. They can choose a doctor as well. People can designate requests as urgent if they have a pressing problem.
  • All requests can be classified as urgent, pending, or finished.
  • After accepting a request, a patient is put on an audio/video call with a doctor to receive virtual medical advice.
  • An individual receives a prescription with the name of the medication, the quantity, the dose, and instructions to take it to a pharmacy after completing an online medical doctor consultation.
  • A doctor must only upload a photograph and include their name and phone number.
  • A medical professional connects with a patient over the phone after accepting a request to perform video-audio therapy.
  • A doctor then drafts a prescription. Both new and edited prescriptions can be made.
  • A physician can refer a patient to another specialist if necessary.


In this article, we intensively described the conducted research for the product we will design. To save you time and give you a detailed overview, we have simplified it as much as possible. We are looking forward to working with you!

If you would like us to develop/create such applications, Please feel free to Contact Us.

Tools Used

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Adobe Photoshop

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