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Lever Dashboard Design

Lever Dashboard Design

Our expert UI UX designers team created the Lever Dashboard for automotive insights. It shows sales, dealers, vehicle health, and payments in one place, helping evaluate long-term UI UX design company performance. This tool visualizes data, offering important metrics and an easy interface with interactive charts. It makes complex information clear and understandable at a glance. 

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Bradley Shepard


Dashboard Design


15 Days

Team Setup

1 Researcher + 3 Designer


We had to showcase how the Lever Dashboard meets client needs, displaying data for quick analysis. Our objective was to demonstrate how our design eases monitoring and decision-making using data insights. We had to create a user-friendly interface, highlighting the custom dashboard design features and benefits.


  1. Putting all important data in one easy-to-read dashboard was a big challenge.
  2. Making sure the dashboard looks good and works well for quick analysis was tough.
  3. Designing a dashboard that covers sales, payments, cars available, and dealer info was tricky.
  4. Figuring out how to show data clearly and help the owner focus on improving areas was a hurdle.


  1. To tackle data organization, we created a streamlined dashboard layout for easy reading.
  2. We focused on visual appeal and functionality to ensure a user-friendly dashboard.
  3. Our solution involved a comprehensive dashboard design covering sales, payments, vehicle availability, and dealer information.
  4. For clear data presentation, we used intuitive charts and highlighted crucial areas for improvement.
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Design Process

Our UI UX design agency created a Lever Dashboard for easy automotive insights. It displays sales, dealer info, and more, aiding long-term performance assessment. We focused on a clear, user-friendly interface showcasing key metrics and interactive charts. Challenges involved organizing complex data and ensuring quick analysis, solved by streamlined layouts and visual appeal.

Customization was crucial, considering the competition; we tailored data presentation for enhancement focus. We deeply researched market trends, and user needs, and prioritized customer support for a smooth user experience. Lever Dashboard offers effortless data access and insightful tracking, aiding data-driven decisions.

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In conclusion, the Lever dashboard design service stands as an intuitive solution for comprehensive automotive insights. It successfully presents complex data in an accessible manner, aiding in long-term performance evaluation. Our focus on user-friendly design and customization ensures a smooth and insightful experience, empowering data-driven decisions for enhanced business outcomes.

+ 65 %

Increased Efficiency

- 35 %

Reduced Workload

“ The Lever Dashboard is a game-changer. It brilliantly showcased important data in one spot, making it super easy to analyze. Its user-friendly interface and insightful charts simplify complex information. Overall, it's an intuitive tool that empowers smarter decisions for long-term success. I am impressed by UIDesignz.”

Bradley Shepard

Director of Operations

Awards & Achievements

We’re proud of our achievements, and the remarkable results we create for our clients.

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Best UI UX Design
Firm 2023
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Google Partner
Premier 2023
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