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Lever Dashboard Design



Our professional team has the challenge to accomplish the Lever Dashboard Design. This design deals with the automobile. In this dashboard, the company can analyze its sales, active dealers, vehicle health, and payments. This dashboard is the complete package to scrutinize the company's performance over a period of time.

Our Goal

To design this dashboard keeping in view the client’s requirements.


As client’s requirement is to all the essential data should be on this dashboard. One can analyze the company's progress within a few hours. Achieving this level of ease is not an easy task.

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Keeping in view the competitors in this field. It is hard to flourish in this field without keeping data in proper sequence. Data needs to be located in this manner so that the company owner can work on the field that needs to be improved. Sales, payments, availability of the automobile, and dealers all need to be on one dashboard.


Designers work hard on the solution of this dashboard. They analyze the market trends, essential information, user-friendliness, and facts and figures in one platform without any complications.

  • In Dashboard home Designer give brief details about Dealers, Suppliers, Funding Request, Payments, servicing, and inventory.
  • Finance is a prominent factor to analyze the company's performance. Audit of sales, and purchases can be accessible in this second priority.
  • To give customers more features within the defined range, the company should analyze the market trends and strategies adopted by other competitors. Market Analysis made his presence in the third spot.
  • Customer support is an important feature to directly interact with customers and address their concerns. Customer support should be easy as the customer doesn’t find difficulty in getting in touch with the company. Customers should feel the importance of words by getting responses and actions within a quick time.
  • Dealers can sign up with proper verification and documentation on this dashboard.


This dashboard design, as visible in the pictures, is a masterpiece of art in designing field. It is full filling all the aspect from customers and company end.

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Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

AdobeI llustrator