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Lever Dashboard

Our skilled team took on the task of creating the Lever Dashboard, focusing on automotive insights.This dashboard provides the company with a comprehensive view of its sales, active dealers, vehicle health, and payments. It's an all-inclusive tool for evaluating the company's performance over time. Operating as a data visualization and analytics platform, the Lever Dashboard delivers key metrics and insights. Its user interface is a user-friendly design that is for ease of use, featuring interactive charts and customizable dashboard elements. Through visual representation, users gain a clear understanding of important data.

Main Objective

To design this Lever dashboard keeping the client’s needs and specifications in mind.


The client wants all crucial data on this dashboard, enabling quick analysis of the company's progress within hours. Achieving this level of convenience is a challenging task.

Dashboard Customization

In light of the competition within this domain, leveraging a well-structured dashboard customization becomes essential. Effective data visualization through an advanced analytics platform is pivotal for success in this field. Data should be organized systematically, enabling the company owner to focus on areas requiring enhancement. A dashboard encompassing sales, payments, automobile availability, and dealer information is indispensable.

Lever Dashboard’s Features

Designers dedicated extensive effort to crafting this leveraged dashboard customization solution. They examined market trends, essential information, user-friendliness, and factual data presentation, all consolidated seamlessly.

  • In Dashboard home Designer gives brief details about Dealers, Suppliers, Funding Request, Payments, servicing, and inventory.
  • Finance holds a pivotal role in examining a company's performance metrics, with audits of sales and purchases accessible as a secondary priority.
  • To enhance customer experience within defined parameters, the company should examine market trends and strategies employed by competitors. Market Analysis claims the third position in priority.
  • Customer support emerges as a vital component for direct interaction, addressing concerns promptly, and ensuring customer inquiries are met with swift, effective responses.
  • Incorporating a user-friendly design, the lever dashboard guarantees a seamless user interface, allowing customers to effortlessly access vital features. Through dashboard customization, users can track performance metrics, delve into data insights, and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) while making data-driven decisions.


The Lever dashboard also empowers HR analytics, offering specialized insights through a dedicated recruitment dashboard and talent management tools. Dashboard widgets enhance dashboard’s aesthetics while facilitating streamlined data aggregation.

Ultimately, this dashboard solution stands as a testament to the company's commitment to excellence, enabling data-driven decisions, fostering effective communication, and presenting information in an appealing, intuitive manner.

Our Toolset

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