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Clear Health Landing Page Design

Clear Health Landing Page Design


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Health Landing Page Description

UIDesignz and Clear Health Psychology Center joined forces to craft a Health landing page dedicated to offering comprehensive medical services and healthcare solutions. The collaboration aimed to cater to individuals facing diverse challenges, aspiring for positive transformations in their lives. With a focus on Clear design and user-friendliness, the website ensures easy navigation and easy access to health information.

Purpose of Health Landing Page

In the wake of the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, individuals of all ages, spanning children and adults, encountered challenging phases in their lives. The prime objective behind conceiving this website was to extend comprehensive guidance and consultation, capable of effecting lasting positive changes. Driven by a deep concern for people's mental well-being amid the prevailing pandemic landscape, UIDesignz embarked on the development of a Mental Health landing page, specifically tailored for a psychiatric/behavioral modification support application.

Market Research

Our team of designers began this project by researching the market and studying the good and bad points of similar websites. Then, they searched for other websites in the health resources field that were doing well, and made the main medical services they offered easier to understand.

Wellness Offerings

Once our designers collected information from their market research, they wanted to learn more from regular people. They did this by asking people questions online, like what they like in mental health websites and how they use them. This helped them understand what people prefer and how they want to use these websites and apps.

After that, they made imaginary profiles of different kinds of users, called user personas. This helped them plan out how the website should work for different people. They also made step-by-step plans, called workflows, based on these profiles. This made sure the website would be clear and user-friendly.

By doing this, they made sure the website's design would be simple and easy to follow. They wanted to make sure that people could find the right medical services and healthcare information without any trouble. They also made sure that people don’t get any problem in appointment booking and get the help they need.

Visual Hierarchy

Next, our UX/UI designers worked on creating the different screens for the website, each focusing on specific types of consultation services:

  • Trauma
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Work Stress
  • Relationship Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Connections Count Program

To bring these ideas to life, they used a tool called Figma to design and prototype how the website would look and work. They paid special attention to making the designs clear, user-friendly, and professional. These designs weren't just rough drafts – they were high-quality and detailed, showing exactly how the website would appear to users.

By using Figma, they made sure that the website's visual hierarchy and layout were top-notch. They also created mockups, which are like models of the website, to give a clear picture of what each screen would look like. This attention to detail ensured that the website would be easy to navigate and provide trustworthy content about various health services. They also made sure the website had mobile optimization so that it would work well on different devices, like phones and tablets, so that people could access the content easily no matter what device they were using.


While working on creating a mental health app, our designers did their very best to make a website that feels encouraging and user friendly. After all the work, our designers got to speak with the therapists, and they really liked how we designed the website.

Our Toolset

Adobe Photoshop Adobe illustrator Adobe XD figma Adobe Photoshop Frame

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