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Eat Easy App Design


About the Project

After the successful journey of UIDesignz in creating an app named Food App, another client approached UIDesignz to design a mobile application for their business called Eat Easy App. It took us almost three months to design, including shipment real-time tracking. It was an IOS and android app which was directly launched on the App Store and Google Play Store to test it.

Our Goal

The target given to the designers of UIDesignz was to the point that the app should be responsive, user-friendly and extremely simple to use. Eat Easy App should look elegant and professional to give a unique impact on its users.

UX UI Strategy

Our UX UI designer started from a competitive analysis by researching competitor apps. A general public interviews and surveys were taken to get the opinions of the public about a food app. Our UX UI designer went further to sketch out the main theme of the app, creating user flow diagrams, moving on to low and high fidelity designs, prototypes and mockups creation in Figma and Figjam.

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Research-Based Analysis

Following are the points which were analyzed by our UX UI designer from the public surveys:

  • There should be an option to cancel the order .
  • Need to get notified a few minutes before the delivery of order..
  • Order status and estimated delivery time should be visible on the home screen.
  • Visibility of contact information of the deliverer and the restaurant.
  • Customer support contact number.

Creation of User Flow and Design

After all the research and strategy planning, we moved on to create the whole user flow showing the decisions that the user and system can make in the process of browsing through dishes.

The design screens were made following the user flow which includes

  • Login and Splash screen
  • Home screen including shop, categories and search format.
  • Website design and other screens.


It was test for our Designer’s potential to finalize this Eat Easy App up to the mark. Our client was pleased that UIDesignz was able to complete this project in a short time span. The key challenge while designing it was interacting with users and solving the problems based on our predicted assumptions. UIDesignz always welcomes its clients to let each other know and be a part of designing interesting and fun projects.

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Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

AdobeI llustrator