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Search Dashboard Design Case Study

Search Dashboard Design Case Study



UIDesignz, a top-ranking UI UX design agency Los Angeles, was entrusted with a project by a UK-based client to create a dashboard called "Search". The aim of this dashboard and app design was to assist children, students, and their parents in locating excellent nurseries, schools, and colleges near their area. The client sought out our services as a leading UI UX design agency Los Angeles, and we made certain that their decision to hire us was the best choice.


The main objective was to make user centered design for a dashboard that allows users to search for different schools, colleges and nurseries in their area.


There users were struggling with the task of finding suitable nurseries, schools, and colleges for their children, which posed a significant challenge. They urgently required a website that would streamline the process of locating such institutions in their vicinity, addressing their immediate need.

User Research

Before designing the UI, we conducted user research to understand the needs and preferences of our target audience. We found that users want a website that is easy to navigate and provides relevant information about schools, colleges, and nurseries in their area. They also want the website to have a search function that allows them to filter results based on different criteria, such as location, type of institution, and facilities offered.

Design Process and Planning

Based on our user research, we began the user interface design. Here are the key elements we included:

  • Search bar
  • Filter Options
  • Map
  • Institutions profile
  • Contact and Registration form
  • Payment Plans and Methods
  • Form for Demo Request
Among all these elements, the most important and crucial part was mapping and finding multiple schools, colleges and nurseries based on different locations of the UK. UIDesignz is a UI UX design agency in USA, so our team of highly qualified and experienced UX UI designers took special care while creating the list for different institutions, listing their headteachers and a section of previously contacted institutions. Each institution has its own profile page that provides detailed information about the institution, including its location, facilities, and contact information. Users can also view photos of the institution and read reviews from other users. We included a section on the institution profile page where users can leave reviews and ratings. This allows users to share their experiences with the institution and helps other users make informed decisions.

Visual Design and Prototyping

We used a clean and simple design for the dashboard, with a white background and bold typography. We used a dark yellow and brown color scheme to highlight important elements, such as the search bar and filter options. We also used high-quality images of schools, colleges, and nurseries to make the website visually appealing. After the final designs, our team of UX UI designers created the high fidelity designs and prototyping of the screens to demonstrate the flow. The final result was beyond the imagination of this project.


By designing a user-friendly UI that meets the needs and preferences of our target audience, we were able to create a website that makes it easy for users to search for different schools, colleges, and nurseries in their area. The search bar, filter options, map, institution profiles, user reviews, and contact form are all important elements that make the website easy to navigate and use. The clean and simple visual design, with a focus on high-quality images, makes the website visually appealing and engaging. The client was highly amazed by the final design and appreciated the efforts of our design team. Through the worthy efforts of UIDesignz’s experienced UX UI designers, we proved to be the top - notch and the best UI/UX design agency Los Angeles, USA.

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Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

AdobeI llustrator