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Search Dashboard Design Case Study

Search Dashboard Design Case Study


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Search Dashboard’s Introduction

UIDesignz, a prominent UI UX design agency based in Los Angeles, took on an intriguing design case study when a client from the UK approached us to develop a "Search Functionality" dashboard. This project aimed to cater to the needs of children, students, and their parents by providing a user centered user interface for locating top-notch nurseries, schools, and colleges within their locality. The client's decision to engage our services as a leading UI UX design agency in Los Angeles was founded on their recognition of our expertise in user-centered design, information architecture, and interaction design.


This project aimed to cater to the needs of children, students, and their parents by providing a user-friendly interface for locating top-notch nurseries, schools, and colleges within their locality.


The people using their website were having a hard time finding good nurseries, schools, and colleges for their kids. This was a big problem. They really needed a website that would be user centered and have a great data visualization and make it easier to find these places nearby. They wanted to fix this problem quickly.

User Research

To ensure the success of this attempt, our team crafted the user interface and user experience by implementing a well-thought-out information architecture that accommodated the seamless organization of data and data visualization . Our design process included comprehensive user research, which enabled us to create detailed user personas and understand the search patterns and preferences of our target audience. We found that users want a website that is easy to navigate and provides relevant information about schools, colleges, and nurseries in their area. They also want the website to have a search function that allows them to filter results based on different criteria, such as location, type of institution, and facilities offered.

Information Architecture

After we learned from our user research about what users needed, we started designing the way the website looks and works. Here's what we made:

  • A place to type in what you're looking for (Search bar)
  • Choices to pick how you want to narrow down your search (Filter Options)
  • A map to show where things are (Map)
  • Pages about each place with details (Institutions profile)
  • A way to get in touch or sign up (Contact and Registration form)
  • Info about how to pay (Payment Plans and Methods)
  • A form to ask for a trial (Form for Demo Request)

The most important part of all these things was the map. It helps people find different schools, colleges, and nurseries all over the UK. UIDesignz is a design company in the USA. Our skilled and experienced designers paid a lot of attention when they made the list of different places. They put in details about each place, like the headteacher's name, and even mentioned places they had talked to before. Every place has its own special page with lots of information, like where it is, what it offers, and how to get in touch. People can look at pictures and read what others think about the place. There's also a spot where people can write their own reviews and give ratings. This helps others decide what they want to do based on real experiences.

Visual Design and Prototyping

For the search dashboard, we opted for a clean and simple design approach. The background was white, and we used strong, easy-to-read fonts. To make important parts stand out, like the search bar and filters, we chose a combination of dark yellow and brown colors. Adding to the appeal, we included high-quality images of schools, colleges, and nurseries. This way, the website not only worked well but also looked great.

Once the designs were set, our team of UX UI designers went ahead with creating detailed designs and prototypes that showed how everything would work together. These designs were very close to what the final product would look like. The outcome exceeded expectations, going above and beyond what we had initially imagined for this project.


Through a well-thought-out user interface design tailored to the preferences of our audience, we crafted a user-friendly website. This platform effortlessly assists users in finding suitable schools, colleges, and nurseries nearby. The search bar, filters, map, institution profiles, user reviews, and contact form work together, making navigation seamless.

With our skilled UX UI designers at UIDesignz, we proved our excellence as a premier UI/UX design agency in Los Angeles, USA. Our design process, marked by elements such as wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing, demonstrated our commitment to delivering outstanding user-centered solutions. This success showcases our prowess in crafting effective and compelling design

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