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Zendenta Dashboard Design


About the Project

Zendenta dashboard design has been designed to provide its users a user friendly way of booking an appointment in this digital era. Our UI/UX designers had been in a continuous search for exploring a system for all in the Clinic Management System. They concluded their research by designing a dashboard which provides its specialization in dental care.

The Challenge

Zendenta wanted to establish a web design online presence.They wanted to present a very clean and user-friendly website to showcase their services, their professionally trained personnel and their commitment to providing excellent dental care. Our designers listed their key points and preferences to create the most simple and eye catching user interface design.

Creation of User Persona and Brand Identity

UIDesignz is known for creating superlative brand identities and follows the principle of research based analysis. Our designers divided the app into two perspectives of the doctor and the patient along with creating the user personas. Also they designed a basic branding application for Zendenta Clinic.

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User Interface Designing

After creation of user personas, we moved further to design the user interface of the website. The main elements of Zendenta Dashboard UI/UX design are

  • Scheduling and Rescheduling of appointments
  • Patients list along with their details and info
  • Chats and messages
  • Settings
  • Calendar
  • Appointments List
  • Payment Info and methods

The dashboard has been designed in such a responsive manner, that whenever the doctor hovers over the chart, he can see the statistical data of all his activities and appointments.

Website Success

UIDesignz was successful in creating a user friendly, responsive and simple website, showcasing the professional dental services provided by Zendenta Clinic. They really appreciated the incomparable work of our UI/UX designers. For this particular reason, UIDesignz ranks on the top of clients’ list when it comes to designing a specific digital product.

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Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

AdobeI llustrator