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Zendenta Dashboard Design

Zendenta Dashboard Design

UIDesignz created a user-friendly website for Zendenta Clinic that works on all devices and showcases their dental services. Our UI UX designers did a fantastic job by making an impressive user-centered design. Clients prefer UIDesignz for specific digital designs because of their expertise in user-centered designs. They focused on the clear presentation of important info. They use a UI kit with data display and UI UX design techniques to make dashboard design according to demand.

Zendenta Dashboard Design Cover Image


Lorrie Kelly


Dashboard Design


45 Days

Team Setup

1 Researcher + 2 Designer


Among the top UI UX design agencies in USA, we were expected to Improve the appointment scheduling process by 25% for user convenience. Achieve a 30% increase in user satisfaction for navigating the site effortlessly. Highlight services and staff by 20% for clearer representation. Optimise request handling by 35% for smoother operations.


  1. Designing a visually appealing user-centric website while ensuring all necessary dental service details are clear.
  2. Encouraging users to schedule appointments easily and explore services without any difficulty.
  3. Displaying metrics and data in an understandable and visually appealing manner.
  4. Ensuring the website reflects Zendenta's brand identity consistently across all pages and interactions.


  1. We prioritized essential details, used clear labeling, and organized content for easier navigation.
  2. Incorporated step-by-step guides for intuitive appointment scheduling.
  3. We used charts, graphs, or infographics for clearer data understanding.
  4. Developed style guides ensuring consistent brand elements across the site.
Appointment Calendar Dashboard Screen
Mobile Chat and Schedule Dashboard Screens
Logo of Zendenta Dashboard Design

UI UX Design Process

Our UI UX design agency process started by understanding the people who'll use it. Then we researched and planned to follow, gathered ideas, and outlined potential solutions. Next, wireframes were crafted to visualize the design's structure. Then came the creation of the user interface, focusing on colors, buttons, and other visual elements for an appealing look.

Prototypes were developed to test the design's functionality and interactivity. These prototypes were shared with users for feedback, which were used to refine and improve the design in iterations, ensuring it meets users' needs effectively.

Zendenta Appointment Pages Design
Problem Tooths Diagram Design


The UI UX designer's role in crafting Zendenta Clinic's website was important. They balanced aesthetics with functionality, streamlining the user experience while highlighting important dental service details.

The UI UX design services approach for Zendenta Clinic's website was a game-changer, leading to remarkable improvements. Appointment scheduling became 25% smoother, making it easier for users. Navigating the site effortlessly increased user satisfaction by a whopping 30%. Services and staff representation improved by 20%, making it clearer for everyone. Request handling optimization soared by 35%, ensuring smooth operations. These changes made visiting the website a much better experience for users.

+ 70 %

Increased Efficiency

- 25 %

Work Load

“Our experience with UIDesignz was incredible. Their team created a website that's not only beautiful but also super easy to use. Users love how simple it is to schedule appointments now, and exploring our services has become a breeze. The site looks fantastic and showcases our dental services perfectly. Plus, operations are running smoother than ever thanks to the optimizations they implemented. Thank you, UIDesignz, for making our website a game-changer.”

Lorrie Kelly


Awards & Achievements

We’re proud of our achievements, and the remarkable results we create for our clients.

Uidesignz the webby award
Best UI UX Design
Firm 2023
Best ui design agency
Top Design Agency
Firm 2024
Uidesignz googlepartner award
Google Partner
Premier 2023
Uidesignz top website designer award
Top Website
Uidesignz expertise award
Best UI UX Design
Agency 2023
Uidesignz goodfirm award
Top App Design
Agency in USA
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