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Introduction: We put together a core team during that time, developed procedures, added fresh work tools, and established the framework for our design system.

About the Project: We want to share our experience creating a new website for Meipaly at UIDesignz, which we began working on ten months ago, on this case study. Through efficient and enticing creating tactics, UIDesignz's UX/UI services assist brands in developing identities that are engaging, enjoyable, and trustworthy. MeiPaly is a digital marketing agency. They wanted us to design their website to mark their online presence and attract customers online. The project was more about enhancing its user interface and the color scheme. UIDesignz already had the pleasure to work with them and they found UIDesignz the most cooperative and ambitious design agency.

Problem: Main issue faced by the clients was the inconsistent user interface. The content on the website was not very engaging, which was creating a gap between the product and the user, neither was it attractive for their customers.

Our Goal: As UIDesignz is considered one of the top website design agencies in Los Angeles, our main goal and objective was to enhance the overall look of the website and make it responsive, user-friendly and create an eye-catching user interface.

Solution: The main screens, we needed to design were

  • Landing Page
  • Blog Section
  • Services Page
  • About Us Page
  • Reviews section
  • Portfolio Display Page
  • Core features Page

By creating a group of characters that are representative of the users we have on our platform, we believed that this would be the greatest method to increase the relevance of our illustration. We focused more on the realistic illustrations on the website to increase the engagement of customers. We conducted an ideation session to examine several methods of producing our illustrations regarding the visual aesthetic. We ultimately settled on a style that blended modern and classic elements.

We created our collection of characters in a flat style with gentle colors since they serve as a sustaining factor that aids in idea clarification or aids the user in accomplishing a particular activity. To draw our audience's attention, the same group of images and illustrations is employed in marketing in a different manner with more eye-catching colors and visual characteristics. Finally we created the most elegant and user friendly website design which was really appreciated by the clients.

Conclusion: Sometimes it is difficult to create a custom website design but with the help of our efficient and skillful UI UX designers, we were able to create a subtle and highly intuitive user interface. Even though working on our design system has been incredibly difficult, the company has benefited greatly from it on many different levels. UIDesignz team worked day and night on it and made that possible. In the end Meipaly was really satisfied with the website design and their feedback was positive that gave us a lot of motivation.

Our Toolset

Adobe Photoshop Adobe illustrator Adobe XD figma Adobe Photoshop Frame

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