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Modjoul Dashboard Design

Modjoul Dashboard Design

Modjoul, a South Carolina-based tech company, has innovated the SmartBelt and Ansel glove tools for workplace safety. Our interface design agency was committed to creating an intuitive app interface tailored to these devices. The app serves as an educational platform, offering insights into safe work practices facilitated by the Ansel gloves. It showcases real-time body strain data and facilitates comparisons of user experiences to proactively prevent injuries. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate user interaction with cutting-edge technology to enhance workplace safety. 

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Micheal Travis


Dashboard Design


20 Days

Team Setup

2 Researcher + 2 Designer


The Modjoul dashboard user interface aimed to be simple and helpful. They were expecting from UI/UX designers of UIDesignz to create a custom dashboard design for people to easily grasp and use the data. Our design should let the users view information quickly and compare details. It should be user-friendly and practical, guiding users to stay safe by understanding and acting on the information provided.


  1. Users had difficulty recognizing unsafe work conditions and comparing their experiences with peers, leading to accidents.
  2. Designers faced challenges simplifying complex data and improving user interaction for better comprehension.
  3. Creating an interface that balanced visual appeal, easy navigation, and highlighted crucial data was demanding.
  4. Integrating personalized goal-setting features and feedback mechanisms added complexity to the dashboard's design.


  1. Our UI UX designers made information easy to understand for users.
  2. We improved how users interact with the dashboard for clarity.
  3. We created a clean design that highlights important data for the ease of end users.
  4. Included personalized goals and feedback options for better usability. This feature can help to improve all processes.
Modjoul Work Sheet Page Design
Modjoul Safety categories Page Design
Ecosystem Measuring Safety Page Design

Design Process

Our UI UX design agency process for the Modjoul dashboard involved understanding user needs and preferences right from the start. We went through market research to understand what users expected and required from the app. Once we had a clear picture, we designed a process for the app's appearance and functionality. We generated numerous ideas, exploring different possibilities for each part of the app.

Testing these ideas helped us identify what worked best and what needed improvement. Incorporating user feedback, we refined the app's interface to make it more user-friendly. Additionally, we proposed integrating features like goal setting and feedback options to enhance user engagement and ensure the dashboard met users' evolving needs.

Modjoul Services Page Design
Modjoul Logo Design


The Modjoul dashboard project aimed to make workplaces safer by offering an app that helps users understand and avoid risky situations. Despite challenges in recognizing risks and simplifying complex data, our team focused on creating an interface that's user-friendly, informative, and engaging. By integrating personalized features and considering user feedback throughout, we've tried to enhance safety practices and improve the overall user experience, making steps toward a safer work environment for everyone.

+ 70 %

Increased Efficiency

- 35 %

Reduced Workload

“The UI designers at UIDesignz have truly excelled in creating our Modjoul dashboard. Their work reflects a deep understanding of user needs, simplifying complex data into an easily digestible format. The clean design and intuitive interaction have made safety insights accessible. Integrating personalized features and getting user feedback showcases their commitment to enhancing user experience for a safer workplace. Great job, UIDesignz team.”

Micheal Travis


Awards & Achievements

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Best UI UX Design
Firm 2023
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Premier 2023
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