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About the Project

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Everyone in the modern world is preoccupied with their work, feeling anxious and depressed due to it, and they are less linked to nature than they once were. The best method to reduce pollution and improve the environment around us is to use plants, which also benefit us in many other ways.

Regarding the app, our Team is creating a plant purchasing app so you won't need to visit a nursery to purchase plants. You can place an order while lounging in your own house. Our UX team with the most experience completed this project.

Our Goal

UI/UX design for plant store and care app from scratch to finish.

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The Problem

Nowadays, people are so busy that they don't have time to visit a nursery and purchase a plant. They are left with no other choices, and if they purchase a plant, most of them perish from lack of attention or expertise. They need to visit various stores to purchase the accessories.


  • Fewer plant selections.
  • Inadequate knowledge of a certain plant.
  • Do not rely solely on one platform.

Analyzing The User's Goal

Our Team has analyzed the online data provided by the users on different apps that suggest that users want an app that can solve all of the problems that they are having with their plants. So our main goal is to provide a wide range of options for users and provide users accurate plant information with support staff.

Developing Stage

  • Users will be informed of how frequently they need to water plants, how much room is required for that plant, and the category of that plant. These are the measures I'll take to assist users in managing their plants.
  • Here, I'll offer a feature that reminds users to water plants. If you are using the app at the time of the reminder, the feature will appear as a pop-up. Otherwise, it will sound an alarm.
  • By using the plant care and plant scan features, proper plant knowledge is provided.

Developing Process

After finishing a number of design-related processes, it was time to create a basic mobile application flow. Making an app flow is excellent since it helps clients and developers learn more about the app.

We examined the brainstorming ideas generated by our Team in the workflow. We also included the issues that the users had with their solutions.

Final Stage

The app's home screen has several sections, such as Categories and Popular. You can access various functions in the bottom app bar, such as activating the camera and an account or checking the watering schedule for your plants, among others.

Users can use the search bar at the top app to look up the plants they want to examine. Additionally, information about the plants and the minimal water requirement was provided.


Our Team provides the best possible solution for every problem that the end consumers can face, and we also look for feedback from our customers because our customer's feedback is important to us. We are looking forward to working with you.

If you would like us to develop/create such applications, Please feel free to Contact Us.

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

AdobeI llustrator