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Business Builder Employee Management System

Business Builder Employee Management System


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Employee Management System Software

EOur client is a company in the US with over 600 employees. They required Employee management software making it easier for HR managers to handle all employee records. This HR management system lets managers add new employee information and edit current details. In this case study, we'll discuss what the client needed and how our designer created an impressive version of their project, focusing on Employee Management Software. This includes HR management, payroll processing, tracking work hours, performance metrics, assisting new hires and departures, letting employees manage some tasks themselves, creating work schedules, managing benefits, handling leaves, finding new talent, planning for the future, following rules, managing employees effectively, keeping them engaged, measuring performance, growing the organization, skill development, providing training,and Employee data analytics

Employee management software’s Features

Since the company's network was big, it was hard for the bosses to keep track of employee information using the old HR system. They needed a new system – Employee Management Software – to store all the employee details in one place. Our skilled designers had to create a system that looks good and works well. This system would handle HR tasks like payroll, attendance, reviews, welcoming and saying goodbye to employees,Employee self-service, making work schedules, giving out benefits, managing time off, finding new employees, planning for the future, following rules, taking care of employees, keeping them happy, measuring how well they do, helping the company grow, getting better at their jobs, learning new things, training, and looking at data about employees.

Solutions Provided

The Employee management software system needed to free up notifications, daily reports, and give different people access to different things based on their jobs. This way, various people could keep an eye on what their employees were doing each day.

Interface Design Of Employee Management Software.

Our creative UX/UI designer tailored a strong and adaptable interface to fit our client's specific needs in their Employee Management Software. This design includes these essential components:

  • Dashboard design for an overview of employee activities.
  • Reports Section to generate HR-related reports.
  • Calendar for managing time and attendance.
  • Onboarding Tasks section to assist new hires.
  • Time Tracking UI to monitor work hours.
  • Goal Listing to track employee performance objectives.
  • Employee Issues for addressing concerns.
  • Frequently Asked Questions for easy information access.
  • Subscription Screen for managing service plans.

Benefits of this Automated System

By using our Employee Management Software, our clients efficiently handled all HR tasks. This new system proved very useful for the whole organization, creating an improved workspace. It helped them keep track of employee records and promoted effective communication between employees and management.


When there isn't a good way to track how well employees are doing, it's hard for managers to handle their work. That's why our talented designers were praised by clients. They made a design that's easy to use and works well. The design looks the same all throughout. The clients thought UIDesignz was the right pick to make special website and app designs.

Our Toolset

Adobe Photoshop Adobe illustrator Adobe XD figma Adobe Photoshop Frame

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