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Business Builder Employee Management System

Business Builder Employee Management System

Our UI UX design agency created a comprehensive Employee Management Software for a 600+ employee US company. This system simplified HR tasks, from payroll to performance metrics, managing an organised workspace.This automated system revolutionised HR management, ensuring efficient task handling, organised employee records, and enhanced communication across the organisation. 

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Jim Antonis


Employee Management System Software


30 Days

Team Setup

2 Researcher + 3 Designer


We had to create an Employee Management Software to streamline HR operations for a 600+ employee company. We had to simplify tasks from payroll to performance metrics and employee lifecycle management.

The client wanted a user-friendly interface with a comprehensive dashboard design service, reporting tools, time management features, and onboarding support for efficient employee data handling. He wanted us to design an adaptable system allowing personalized access to information, aiding effective supervision of daily employee activities while enhancing workplace communication and organization.


  1. Understanding the different requirements of different employee roles and levels while designing a unified interface for all users.
  2. Ensuring the system has strong features without confusing users, especially for managing complex HR tasks.
  3. Providing customizable access levels while maintaining data security across multiple user profiles and roles.
  4. Creating an interface that can easily integrate updates and enhancements while remaining user-friendly for ongoing usability.


  1. Developed role-specific interfaces to meet different employee needs, ensuring each user accesses relevant information smoothly.
  2. Focused on clarity and simplicity in design elements to manage complex HR tasks, providing intuitive design and pathways for users without confusing them.
  3. Implemented strict access protocols based on user roles to maintain data security, ensuring sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel.
  4. Made a system that can easily get better over time and stay easy to use, letting ui ux designers add new things without making it hard for people to find their way around.
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Analytics Page Design
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Design System

Our design system service journey began by understanding the client's need for comprehensive Employee Management Software. We focussed on the complexity of HR tasks and visualized a system that simplifies everything. Starting with deep and thorough research, we pinpointed critical areas like payroll, attendance, and benefits, and ensured a unified, user-friendly interface.

Careful planning led us to create wireframes and prototypes, refining each component for smooth navigation and efficient task handling. We selected vibrant yet clear visuals and intuitive layouts, constantly making changes based on user feedback for an optimal experience. Through proper testing, we fine-tuned every feature, ensuring it fits the client's needs perfectly and meets diverse user roles. The result was a tailored, adaptable system that streamlined HR processes, helping better communication and productivity for our client's workspace.

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In creating the Employee Management Software, our goal was to simplify the complex landscape of HR tasks for a UI UX design company. Our focus was on creating a user-friendly system that organizes data efficiently and helps to enhance communication within the workspace. This comprehensive solution revolutionized how HR operations are managed, ensuring smoother processes and improved organization-wide interactions. By meeting various employee needs and roles, we've aimed to streamline tasks and encourage a more productive work environment.

+ 58 %

Increased Efficiency

- 30 %

Reduced Workload

“Impressed by the Employee Management Software. It's streamlined our HR processes, making everything smoother and more organized. The interface is intuitive, allowing for easy navigation and enhanced communication across our organization. Well done UIDesignz’s team and thanks for such a wonderful job.”

Jim Antonis


Awards & Achievements

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