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Business Builder Employee Management System

Business Builder Employee Management System



Our client is a US-based company that has an employee strength of more than 600. This company needed a robust employee management system so that it would be easy for the HR managers to keep a track of all their employee records. This would enable the managers to add new employee data, and edit the current employee details.In this case study, we’ll be sharing what our client needed and how our UX UI designer satisfied by providing them an astounding version of their project.


As the network of the company was quite large, it was difficult for the management to track the employee records and to cut down a traditional HR system. There was a need to design such a system which could maintain the records and details of the employees in a single database. Our talented UX UI designer were challenged to design a system that shows coherence and the interface unity.

Technical Solution

The system had to emancipate the notifications, daily reports, role based user access for multiple roles to keep a track of their employees’ daily tasks.

Planning Interface and Designing

With respect to our client’s particular requirements, our UX UI designer with creative minds designed a robust and responsive interface that includes the following elements

  • Dashboard design
  • Reports Section
  • Calendar
  • Onboarding Tasks section
  • Time Tracking UI
  • Goal Listing
  • Employee Issues
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Subscription Screen

Benefits of this Automated System

As our clients implemented their work with our new system, they successfully managed all the HR related tasks and it was advantageous for the whole organization to build a new and enhanced workspace. It helped them to maintain a timely record of their employees and a good communication system between the employees and the management.


If there is a lack of a good performance management system, it becomes difficult for the managers to manage the tasks of the employees. Therefore, the worthy efforts of our designer team was highly appreciated by the clients to design such a user friendly and responsive design that has a consistency in its elements. They considered UIDesignz the best choice to create custom web and app designs.

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Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

AdobeI llustrator