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Clear Health Design UI kit

UIDesignz creates the design systems that enables multiple users and designers to work efficiently on large scale projects. Our main objective is to provide you nothing but a cleaner, responsive and better quality experience using our designed systems.

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Indention is helpful while creating an impressive UI for the reader while providing textual information. Indention is all about spacing and making the text easily readable. This will make sure that the text is properly aligned and easy to read. Grid and indention will create a balanced and symmetrical design.

Typography is about designing, fonts, sizes, and headings. This will make the document more appealing to the reader. It is the most important factor in UI Design and adds Excellency in UX Design. One thing that is important is that typography should have symmetry all over the site rather than on a single page only.

“Colors what attracts most”. Colors are what most of us are drawn to. Colors have this ability and uniqueness which will brighten up the mood of the user and make him vibrant. Colors are not about shades it about the meaning that they convey. During UI/UX Design, the selection of color is based on customer preference and the nature of the site. UIDesignz pays special concern to all the shades which will improve visual impact.

Icons are the ones who improve the navigation of online platforms. Icons efficiently convey the message to the visitor which will take effort and space in texts. Improving UI/UX design icon type and its frequency of it matters a lot.

A button is a controlling unit that allows the user to interact with a digital platform to achieve desired objectives. It is the primary aspect of site/app navigation. Primary, secondary and tertiary are different types of buttons that UI Designers used for visuals. Choosing the type and design of buttons will play important role in UI Design.

Fields are what you can get input from users. The field has its utmost importance in UX Design. Fields should have good visual representation before, during, and after editing. It will provide ultimate ease to the user during input. A good site having bad fields will eventually lose the interest of visitors.

There are many factors to consider when selecting controls in UI/UX design. The type of control should be appropriate for the task at hand, and the control should be easy to use and understand. Additionally, the control should be visually appealing and fit in with the overall design of the interface.

To create multiple elements/list Designer uses a graphical control element which is called dropdown. It allows the user to choose between multiple options which best suit him. Dropdowns can be used in a variety of other UI/UX design elements, such as menus, lists, and buttons. It will improve User experience.

A calendar is used to get important dates from users in UI/UX Design. Additionally, a calendar can be customized to fit the specific needs of a user or project, making it a versatile tool for UI/UX design.

Navigation is the process of designing and layout the online platform. Navigation must be carefully planned and executed in order to create a smooth and efficient user experience.

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