Doctor Q UI kit

DoctorQ is one of the prestigious works done by UIDesignz. Originating a UI/UX design for such a complicated app is not an easy task for our Designer. We will have to make better visuals without compromising the UX. When we presented our efforts to the client. He admired our hard work and the efforts we made in a very short time.

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The color palette is among one the critical factor in UI Design. A wisely chosen color palette will surely take the standards of sites to the ultimate level. It will convey a special message to the visitors. What is your customer’s type? What do they demand? And What you can deliver? These three basic questions will lead you to a good color palette. One of the key factors is to select a limited number of colors in your palette. Putting the number of colors in the palette will decrease the worth of the message they deliver and It will decrease user interest. The appealing and visually attractive color palette that customer demands mostly.

The menu is the gateway to the rest of the web/app. Deciding on menu design is therefore important in UI Design. The design of the menu should be simple, have a good color combination, easy to navigate, and with clear labels. Menu design should be specific to the targeted audience.

These three are an indicator to turn on and off the special characteristics or parameters. These should be clearly visible having a significant borderline. Their on and off state should have a different color so that users can differentiate between them. The labels on them should be concise and clear.

Typography is about designing, fonts, sizes, and headings. Typography will surely bring improvement in UI/UX Design. One thing that is important is that typography should have symmetry all over the site rather than on a single page only. Font size and type should be according to the visitor’s mentality.

Input Fields are what you can get input from users. The input field has its utmost importance in UX Design. They should have good visual representation before, during, and after editing. It will provide ultimate ease to the user during input. To get the required information from users, input fields UI should be attractive and should have an adaptive UX Design.

Spacing is what will improve readability and UI design. The designer should have a proper roadmap for spacing. There must be equilibrium present in spacing throughout the design.

Buttons will bring hierarchy to the design. Different buttons will leads the visitor to increase their stay on site. Buttons are therefore controlling units. So button design should have consistency and appealing factor in it.

Icons are smaller than images and text but they will deliver specific information to the user within no time. The icons' shape should be clear to users so they can understand the encrypted message easily. Icons should be used to avoid complexity but the bad design of icons causes difficulty for the reader.

When you hover, there will be some unique and useful information will appear that provides details functionality about a specific task. This is the new way to present textual information. Textual information often loses the interest of the reader. So there must be a good design for tooltips that will keep alive the interest of users. Tooltips should have specific and precise words. The contrast color for tooltips should be used against the background color. So that they are easily visible to the reader.

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