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Motiv Dashboard Design



Motive dashboard design is for sales, purchases, and other minor details about automobiles. As there are already multiple services available in this field. It is difficult to create such a design with better UI/UX. Our designer took this task and completed it with ultimate perfection.

Our Goal

To design a Motive dashboard keeping in view the client’s requirements.


As the client required all the minor details of cars with enhanced UI/UX. It is complicated to gather all the data in a single frame.

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As competition is tough, the market is saturated, and data is too big. To make all things work together UIDesignz has to complete this project with a better UI/UX Design. The main objective is to fulfill all the client’s needs within the given time..


Designers work hard on the solution of this dashboard. They analyze the market trends, essential information, user-friendliness, and facts and figures in one platform without any complications.

  • In Dashboard home Designer gives brief information about cars, its model, health, and mileage.
  • Users can filter out the car depending on their model, mileage, and price range.
  • To give customers more features, communication is made easy through this dashboard. By directly sending a message one can acquire the data needed
  • Customer support is available in the dashboard to deal with the buyer's and sellers' issues directly.
  • Buyers and sellers directly sign up and do purchases and sales respectively by adding pictures and the car’s condition.


This dashboard design is visible in the pictures. Within a short period of time, this dashboard completes all the aspects required from UIDesignz.

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Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

AdobeI llustrator