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Motive Dashboard

The Motive dashboard encompasses data visualization, acting as an analytics platform that offers an intuitive user interface. This platform not only presents performance metrics but also allows dashboard customization, empowering users to gain valuable data insights through visual representation. The user-friendly design includes interactive charts, ensuring seamless metrics tracking. Our reporting tools facilitate comprehensive goal tracking and progress monitoring.

Motive Dashboard’s Goal

To create a Motive dashboard while considering the client's specifications.


Meeting the client's demand for comprehensive vehicle information while enhancing the UX/UI is a challenge in consolidating such data within a single frame.

Data Visualization

In the landscape of intense competition, where the market is saturated , the integration of disparate elements becomes essential. UIDesignz undertakes the Motive dashboard project with a dedicated focus on crafting an improved UX/UI design. The project's primary goal revolves around satisfying the client's requirements within the timeframe. This task involves harnessing the power of data visualization and analytics platform capabilities. By creating a user interface that boasts user-friendly design and interactive charts, the aim is to seamlessly consolidate performance metrics and insights. Dashboard customization options facilitate tailored data tracking and reporting, ensuring efficient goal monitoring and progress visualization.

User Interface

The dashboard solution has been diligently developed by our UX/UI designers. They've carefully examined market trends, vital information, ease of use, and important data, all integrated into one platform without complications.

  • On the motive dashboard's main page, designers provide concise details about cars, including their model, condition, and mileage.
  • Users have the ability to filter cars based on their model, mileage, and price range, tailoring the results to their preferences.
  • To enhance customer experience, communication is simplified through the motive dashboard. Direct messaging allows users to quickly gather the information they need.
  • Customer support is conveniently accessible on the motive dashboard, addressing both buyer and seller inquiries directly.
  • Buyers and sellers can easily register and conduct transactions, including purchases and sales, by uploading pictures and specifying the car's condition.


This Motive dashboard extends beyond conventional applications, venturing into health and fitness realms. With data-driven insights, it becomes a hub for tracking motivation, wellness goals, and goal achievement. Activity visualization is at the core of this platform, providing users with a holistic view of their journey towards better health and fitness. This motive dashboard design is visible in the pictures. Within a short period of time, this dashboard completes all the aspects required from UIDesignz.

Our Toolset

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