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Keeping in view the competitors in the food delivery and grocery app. This project is in the list of top 5 difficult projects handled by UIDesignz. This app is in demand by the famous car rental service Uber. Uber wants to conquer this field by combining food and its delivery.


To design and develop Food App.


As client requires to get data on restaurant available, their availability of items, and delivery time. To get all these within one platform while keeping in view the user premises is a hard job for UIDesignz.

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Uber is a brand in car rental services in the USA and all over the world. To match the steps with such a big name, UIDesignz should hold the user’s ease along with quality data.


Designers worked on available restaurants, and grocery stores, their review, their cooking time along with delivery time. All these items should be kept in this manner so that the user can analyze things quickly and then make a decision about them.

  • Grocery should be a list with the quantity and prices in the cart.
  • Restaurant availability, their vital items, cooking time, and time to deliver should be visible to the user.
  • Payments can be made through cash on delivery or credit cards.
  • Rating and reviews are the most prominent factor for the decision on the user’s end.
  • To facilitate communication Customer support and chat with the delivery guy are made available on this app.
  • Filters are available to provide ease to the user. The main motive is to the user can better results according to its intentions.


To work with a brand like Uber is such an honor. UIDesignz needs to complete this project to enhance its company profile. Our Designers completed this project in a significant manner to satisfy the needs of our clients.

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