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About the Project

Through efficient and enticing creating tactics, UIDesignz's UI/UX services assist brands in developing identities that are engaging, enjoyable, and trustworthy. Our job is to provide user interface design services that can help brands perform better to improve communication and their personalities so that they can connect with their consumers. This dashboard is to keep check on student’s records.


Our team created a dashboard that sells educational technology and offers tutors online communication, classroom management, fee collection, assignments and quizzes, and other features. Additionally, it aids instructors in establishing their online store where they may design and marketing courses.

Our team has completed large and small projects of all sizes. In this case study, we'll discuss one of the challenging projects we worked on and how our team managed to make the impossible a reality.


Since the closure of schools to stop unneeded COVID-19 outbreaks, e-learning has become the only dependable method of delivering education.

The transition to online learning was not simple, though. Many tutors across the nation use technology as a teaching tool.

Although our team had already worked on a smooth onboarding process for the teachers, it wasn't easy to make the dashboard so uncomplicated and clear that even someone who had never used a computer would understand what was happening.

Currently, the existing dashboards of our competitors had a passable visual design, but they did poorly in the usability testing. So we decided to make changes to our design and change it to the point where anyone can use it without any issue.

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Our Goal

UI/UX design for Unacademy internal educator dashboard y app from scratch to finish.


Due to the large amount of data that needed to be exhibited and the numerous actions that needed to be taken, this stage was incredibly important to the entire redesign.

Because we had already determined the more crucial aspects through several rounds of user interviews, this portion was pretty simple. The dashboard will be divided vertically into these two main sections:

Primary Section: This section would be a sizable, static section with daily-use/go-to features that would allow tutors to keep track of their progress as well as carry out other crucial tasks like scheduling live lectures, keeping attendance, managing assignments, courses, payments, and their own website/store.

Secondary Area: This section will be more active and will mostly feature real-time information on new student admissions, recent student doubts, sales performance, etc.

We wanted the cards to be as clear and intuitive as possible to prevent confusion and excessive clicks. The cards should make it clear to the tutor just by glancing at them what to do.In addition to plain text and CTAs, each key action card features an icon.

Because we wanted users to be able to swiftly complete activities from the dashboard itself rather than switching between flows, CTAs were crucial to our success. The entire redesign process ended with this phase. Now that we had a plan, it was time to put everything in its proper place.

Making sure there was good information architecture wasn't enough because there was a lot of content and work to be done. But in the end, after numerous revisions and comments, we succeeded.


We sincerely hope that this case study was instructive. For further information, get in touch with us. Please contact us if you have more questions in your mind. We are looking forward to work with you in the future.

Our Toolset

Adobe Photoshop Adobe illustrator Adobe XD figma Adobe Photoshop Frame

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