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Du Landing Page Design


Mission To Design Du Landing Page

Du is a UAE based telecommunication company which approached UIDesignz to design landing pages for their website. Du provides its telecommunication and customized products provision services within the UAE.

Project Length

This was a short-term project and 2-3 screens were to be designed showcasing the products of the company, their market place and a screen for the FAQs.

Our Vision and Mission

The mission of UIDesignz is to provide an ease to the customers and enhance their life standards and experiences. The reason to design a landing page was that when the customers land on the website, they should know exactly what services are being provided by the company.

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User Interface Design

Our UI/UX designers started the process from scratch and completed it with the creation of high fidelity designs. Following were the elements which were considered as a priority while designing the user interface

  • Main landing page showcasing the types of services provided.
  • Products listing screen
  • All requests can be classified as urgent, pending, or finished.
  • FAQs screen

This interface was designed keeping in view the color scheme and typography of the website. The screens were responsive and user friendly in nature. The designs are made in such an effective way which attracts the outlooker.


After finalizing all the designs and screens, we delivered the project in time and the clients were beyond satisfied by the outstanding performance of our UI/UX designers. They found the designs responsive, simple and eye catching for the customers. That’s why UIDesignz has been on top of the choice of its worthy customers.

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Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

AdobeI llustrator