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Du Landing Page

UIDesignz was tasked with creating user-friendly design landing pages for Du telecommunications which is a prominent company headquartered in the UAE and provides telecom services. Known for its innovative design and commitment to enhancing customer engagement, Du offers a wide array of telecom services and customized products within the UAE market. The landing pages showcased Du's extensive range of offerings, including subscription plans, mobile plans, internet packages, and data packages, all of which are designed to provide seamless connectivity solutions and exceptional communication experiences.

Du’s Telecom Services

The Du landing pages were a concise project involving the creation of 2-3 screens dedicated to showcasing the company's telecommunications prowess. These screens highlighted a range of Du products, including mobile plans and internet packages, while also featuring the marketplace where these offerings are made available. Additionally, one screen was dedicated to addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs) to provide visitors with relevant information.

Du Landing Page’s Objective

UIDesignz's mission revolves around enhancing customer experiences and improving their quality of life through user-friendly design and innovative solutions. The objective behind creating the Du landing page was to ensure that when customers visit the website, they gain a clear understanding of the comprehensive range of telecom services and products offered by the company.

User Friendly Interface

Our team of UX/UI designers embarked on a comprehensive journey, starting from the ground up to creation of high-fidelity designs for the Du landing page. Throughout the process, we placed a premium on elements that align with Du's commitment to exceptional customer experiences and innovative communication solutions.

  • The main landing page took center stage, strategically showcasing the breadth of Du's telecom services, including mobile plans, internet packages, and connectivity solutions.
  • A dedicated products listing screen provided visitors with a comprehensive view of Du products.
  • An intuitive system categorized requests as urgent, pending, or finished, ensuring efficient customer engagement.
  • To address common inquiries, we crafted an informative FAQs screen, facilitating seamless communication between Du and its customers.

These designs harmoniously integrated with the website's color scheme and typography, maintaining a consistent brand identity.


Once we completed the designs and screens for the Du landing page, we delivered everything on time. The clients were really happy with how our UX/UI designers did a fantastic job. They liked that the designs worked well on different devices, were easy to understand, and caught the customers' attention. This positive outcome is why UIDesignz is a top choice for its valuable customers in the field of designing.

Our Toolset

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