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Top 10 Website Design Trends in July 2024

Top 10 Website Design Trends in July 2024

Written by UIDesignz Jun 12, 2024 3 min read

Top 10 Website Design Trends in July 2024

The digital world moves fast, and keeping your website on-trend is crucial for grabbing attention and engaging users. So, what's hot in website design for July 2024? Buckle up and get ready to dive into the top 10 trends that'll make your website stand out.

UX-Focused Design

User experience (UX) will continue to be a top priority for web design agencies in 2024. Websites will focus on creating immersive, personalized experiences that engage visitors from the moment they land on the homepage. This includes optimizing navigation, content structure, and interactive elements to meet user needs and preferences.

UX-Focused Design

UX-Focused Design (image by Pepper Content)

Y2K Aesthetics

The nostalgic Y2K style, characterized by retro graphics, neon colors, and matrix-style text, will remain popular in web design. Brands looking to evoke a sense of 90s/early 2000s nostalgia will incorporate these vibrant, playful elements into their online presence.

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Immersive 3D Elements

The use of immersive 3D graphics and animations will become more prevalent to create engaging, visually-striking websites. These 3D elements can enhance storytelling, product visualization, and overall user interactivity.

Immersive 3D Elements

Immersive 3D Elements (image by Linkedin)

Maximalist Design

In contrast to the minimalist trends of recent years, maximalist custom web design featuring bold colors, textures, and layered elements will emerge as a way for brands to make a strong visual statement online.

Grid-Based Layouts

Clean, grid-based layouts will continue to be a popular choice for web designers looking to create a sense of order and simplicity on their sites. These structured designs help organize content and improve overall usability.

Grid-Based Layouts

Grid-Based Layouts (image by Elementor)

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered tools and features will become increasingly integrated into the web design process, from automating layout and content generation to powering personalized user experiences through chatbots and recommendations.

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Accessibility Focus

With new legislation like the European Accessibility Act coming into effect, web designers will place a greater emphasis on creating accessible, inclusive designs that accommodate users with disabilities.

Accessibility Focus

Accessibility Focus (image by Access Guide)

Sustainable Design

Eco-friendly web design services, such as optimizing page load times, using energy-efficient hosting, and implementing dark mode, will gain traction as brands look to reduce their digital carbon footprint.


Small, delightful microinteractions that enhance the user experience, like hover effects, animations, and subtle transitions, will be leveraged to make websites feel more responsive and engaging.


Microinteractions (image by engineanalytics.tech)

Footer Boosts

The often overlooked footer area will become a more prominent part of website design, with designers incorporating additional content, calls-to-action, and interactive elements to create a more cohesive user experience.


These top 10 website design trends demonstrate the evolving priorities of web design, with a focus on creating visually stunning, user-centric, and environmentally-conscious online experiences. As the digital landscape continues to transform, web design agencies will need to stay ahead of these emerging trends to deliver websites that captivate and delight users.

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