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Create Best Mobile App Design with these 10 Amazing Strategies

Create Best Mobile App Design with these 10 Amazing Strategies

Written by UIDesignz Jan 24, 2023 12 min read

Last updated: Oct 9 2023

Create Best Mobile App Design with these 10 Amazing Strategies

Mobile Apps have become an integral part of our daily lives There are millions of mobile apps available for download on app stores however, not all mobile apps are created equally. Some mobile applications stand out from the rest and achieve massive success. It is mostly due to the reason that such apps are developed by using Strategies for Mobile App development. These Strategies make apps highly successful. In this blog we’ll explore some of the Successful and Unbeatable Strategies for creating the best mobile app that can help UX/UI designers in app designing in the highly competitive world of mobile app development.

Create An Enticing App Icon

Creating an enticing app Icon is a critical aspect of App designing and an experienced UX/UI Designer knows the importance of it. Designing a process that is responsive by design and begins with wireframing for the app as the first step towards creating an app icon that represents the interactivity design of the app. Prototyping of the products is an important phase in mobile app development. Performance optimization should not be ignored. A well designed app icon can catch the user’s attention and make them interested in exploring the app. Customer engagement strategies for mobile apps are important to keep the users engaged. Creating an enticing App icon requires a careful balance between functionality, design and user experience. An experienced UX/UI designer can create wireframes for the app icon, ensuring that all the features are laid out in a logical and user friendly manner. The interactivity design must be engaging and keep the users interested in the app. Creating an enticing app requires careful planning, experienced design, and a focus on user experience and profitability. It requires careful consideration of design, brand identity and user experience.The app icon should be visually appealing, easy to recognize and encourage users to explore the app further. The icon should be designed with the monetization strategy in mind, encouraging users to engage with the app and share it with others. A well designed app icon can help to attract users and increase the app’s profitability.

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Social Media Outreach

Social Media Outreach can be an effective strategy for creating the best mobile app. An experienced UX/UI Designer can design a process that is responsive by design and begins with wireframing for the app, ensuring that interactivity design is taken into consideration. Social media outreach can help in reaching out to the target audience and getting their feedback for the app. Effective customer engagement strategies for mobile apps can be implemented using social media platforms.In today’s digital age, social media platforms offer a vast potential user base that can be tapped into to gain valuable feedback and insights. Monetization strategies such as in-app purchases or advertising can be used to generate revenue, but customer’s engagement is key to maintaining user’s interest and loyalty. Social media outreach can be used to connect with users and gain feedback, which can be used to continually improve the app and create a positive user experience. In summary, social media outreach can be a useful strategy for creating the best mobile app and mobile app development strategies should focus on profitable mobile applications, mobile app performance, memory management, software lifecycle and monetization opportunities.

Appropriate Description of App

Naming and describing your app appropriately is one of the unbeaten strategies for creating the best mobile app. Using relevant keywords in the app and description can help improve visibility and attract potential users. It is essential for UX/UI Designers to focus on responsive design, wireframing, interactivity,prototyping and naming and describing the app appropriately during the app designing process. A well thought name that is easy to remember and pronounce can help attract the users and improve visibility on app stores.It’s also important to use relevant keywords in the app name and description to optimize it for search engines and app store rankings. A concise and clear description of the app’s features and benefits can help users understand the app’s value proposition and decide whether to download it. By creating an app name and description that aligns with the app’s purpose and audience, developers can attract more users and improve the app’s overall success.In conclusion, naming and describing your app appropriately is an essential strategy for creating the best mobile app. By focusing on naming and describing the app, the UX/UI Designer can design a process that meets the demand and needs of their needs. By implementing this strategy, developers can create a successful and profitable mobile app that delivers value to its users.

Effective Marketing of App

Marketing your app effectively is also considered one of the best and unbeaten strategies. Once the app is developed, it is important to focus on primary keywords variations to market your app developed by the UX/UI designers. A well designed app that is not marketed well will not reach its full potential. Application developers should consider monetization opportunities such as in app purchases , in app advertising, call to action, and sponsorship. Finally developers should focus on optimization techniques performance , mobile app monetization strategies and effective network management to ensure that the app is performing optimally. By implementing these strategies UX/UI Designers can develop a successful and profitable mobile app that reaches a wider audience and generates revenue. There are many ways in which UX/UI Designer can market the developed app effectively which include:

  • App Store Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • App Review Sites
  • Referral Marketing
  • Email Marketing

By implementing these marketing strategies, UX/UI designers can effectively promote the mobile app developed, increase its visibility, downloads and user engagement.

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Using Eye-Catching Photos And Videos

Using eye-catching photos and videos can be a highly effective strategy to develop the best mobile app possible by UX/UE Designer. In today's digital age, visual content is becoming increasingly important, and can be the key to capturing and retaining users' attention. By incorporating high-quality images and videos into the developed app, UX/UI Designer can provide a more engaging and immersive experience for their users. This can help to make the app stand out from the competition, increase user engagement and ultimately lead to more downloads and positive reviews. Visual content is an essential aspect of any successful mobile app, as users are more likely to engage with apps that feature eye-catching photos and videos. High-quality images and videos not only enhance the overall design of the app but also provide users with a more immersive experience. This can help the UX/UI Designer to establish a strong brand identity, increase user engagement and boost app downloads.Incorporating visually appealing content is a proven strategy for creating the best mobile app possible. There are several ways to use eye-catching photos and videos as a strategy for creating the best mobile app. These include:

  • Using High quality product images and videos that showcase the developed app’s features and benefits .
  • Incorporating interactive visual elements like animations and video tutorials that demonstrate how to use apps effectively.
  • Using personalized photos and videos that help to establish an emotional connection with users.
  • Incorporating user-generated content like photos and videos that help to create a sense of community around the app and increase user engagement.

By utilizing this unbeatable strategy of creating a mobile app UX/UI Designer can create a visually compelling and engaging mobile app that stands out from the competition.

Encourage User Reviews

Encouraging user reviews is another strategy for creating the best mobile app possible. User reviews provide valuable feedback that can help UX/UI designers and app developers identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes. Additionally, positive reviews can help to increase user engagement, boost app downloads and improve search engine rankings. To encourage user reviews, UX/UI designers should prioritize user experience and the design process that makes leaving a review easy and intuitive.Experienced design and responsive design are also important factors that contribute to positive user experience. Call to action and sponsorship can allow users to leave reviews and engage with the app.

There are some effective methods for encouraging user reviews which include:

  • Making it easy for users to leave a review by including prominent call-to-action.
  • Sending users push notifications or emails inviting them to leave a review.
  • Offering incentives such as discounts or exclusive content
  • Responding to user’s reviews, both positive and negative, to show their feedback is being heard and the team is actively working to improve the app.

By implementing these methods, UX/UI Designers can create a strong community around their app, increase user engagement and improve app store rankings.

Devise Clever Promotions

Devise Clever Promotion is a crucial strategy for creating the best mobile app possible. Promotions can help to increase user engagement, drive downloads and improve user retention.Once the app is developed, UX/UI Designers clever promotions such as offering exclusive content or discounts to users who share the app with their friends or leave positive reviews.

There a few ways to devise clever promotions which include:

  • Offering exclusive content or discounts.
  • Leveraging In-app purchases and In-app advertising.
  • Continuous Engagement and Customer’s engagement strategies to create promotions.
  • Sponsorship and Call-to-action to create promotions that drive downloads and user engagement
  • Monitoring effectiveness of promotions and their adjustments as needed.

By implementing these strategies, UX/UI Designers can create a profitable, high- performing app that meets user’s needs and exceeds their expectations.

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Hacking The Press

Hacking the press can be a highly effective strategy for creating the best mobile app as possible. In today's digital age, getting media coverage is key to gain exposure for the app developed and reaching new users. By crafting stories around the app and reaching out to journalists and bloggers in the industry, the UX/UI Designers can create a buzz and interest in the app. This can lead to increased downloads, user engagement and ultimately success. It is important to have a clear understanding of the target audience and the publications they read to ensure that the developed app is polished and ready for the spotlight before pitching to the press.

Following are some ways to Hack the press as a strategy of creating best mobile app for UX/UI designers:

  • Building relationships with journalists and bloggers
  • Creating a press kit
  • Use Social Media as advantage
  • Leveraging User Stories
  • Piggyback on Trends
  • Participating in events

Using these strategies can help UX/UI designers develop the best mobile app that meets user’s needs and demands.

Sharpen Your Keywords

Sharpening Keywords is an essential strategy for UX/UI Designers when they are in the design process of a mobile app. With a vast number of Mobile phone apps available in app stores, using the right Keywords can help the developed app stand out and be easily discovered by the potential users. It's important to choose primary keywords that accurately describe the app's purpose and features and then create variations to cover all relevant search terms.

There are several ways a UX/UI designer can use to sharpen keywords during the design process of app development. These include:

  • Conducting Keyword Research
  • Analyzing Competitor Keywords
  • Using long-tail Keywords
  • Focusing on Primary Keywords
  • Optimizing App Title
  • Using Keyword Variations
  • Monitoring and Adjusting Keywords

These methods of the Sharpening keywords strategy helps the UX/UI Designer create the best mobile app. Beginners can become pros by using these strategies.

Focus On The User

Focus on the user is a crucial strategy which UX/UI designers can use for creating the best mobile app. Focusing on the user experience can help mobile app designers to create profitable mobile applications.This approach involves prioritizing the user’s needs and expectations throughout the app development process. An app that is designed with the user’s mind is more likely to be successful because it provides an intuitiveO and engaging experience.
To implement this strategy,the app developers need to conduct thorough research to understand their target audience’s preferences, behaviors and pain points. Regular updates, personalization and feedback mechanisms are all ways to maintain user’s interest and loyalty.Overall focusing on the user’s experience, needs and preferences can help UX/UI Designer create a mobile app that stands out from the competition and delivers exceptional value to its users.


In conclusion, creating the best mobile app requires a well-thought-out strategy that prioritizes the user's needs and preferences. Conducting thorough research on the target audience, designing an intuitive user interface and user experience, optimizing the app's performance, implementing continuous user engagement strategies, prioritizing data security and privacy, and having a monetization strategy that does not hinder the user's experience are all crucial components of a successful mobile app strategy. By focusing on these key elements, UX/UE designers can create mobile apps that deliver exceptional value to users, stand out from the competition, and generate revenue. Ultimately, a user-focused strategy can help ensure the success of a mobile app and drive long-term growth and profitability. Moreover a good mobile app design should create a positive user experience, be easy to use and provide the user with features they need in a clear and efficient manner. Such mobile apps can be designed by the UX/UI Designer by using the above mentioned unbeatable strategies during the design process for creating a best mobile app.

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